New Zealand 30 Year Anniversary

Auckland, New Zealand.  On August 20th, 2020, the New Zealand office of Frontier Software, a specialist global provider of HR & payroll software, celebrated its 30th anniversary. Company Director Brian Fehsenfeld was there from day one and is also celebrating his 30-year anniversary. In that time, Brian has worked closely with the company founders, Jane & Michael Howard, and the Board of Frontier Software.

In the 30 years that he has been at the helm, Brian has overseen and been part of thousands of changes and innovations to Frontier Software’s products and services and the changing needs of the New Zealand market. “It’s relentless”, says Brian “with even more exciting new products in the pipeline”. Brian applies the maxim that the only thing constant is change and always strives and encourages others to embrace the Frontier Software quality standard of continuous improvement.

He has built excellent relationships with the many clients of Frontier Software and is a well-respected member of the HR/Payroll community. Brian has enjoyed working alongside such a dedicated team of HR & payroll professionals in New Zealand and overseas offices.

Brian extends his heartfelt thanks to staff, customers, and the Board, for their loyalty and support over this long and rewarding time. He is looking forward to celebrations with staff - who are all presently working from home  - post COVID-19 lockdown!