Payroll Verification

Melbourne, Australia. Errors in payroll processing can have disastrous consequences for any business. Apart from the impact on employee engagement, organisations face reputational damage if found to be underpaying employees. There is no doubt that accuracy in payroll is the number one goal of every payroll team anywhere in the world.

To extend the capability and accuracy of its award-winning payroll solution, Frontier Software offers the PVE21-Payroll Verification module. Payroll Verification enables organisations to share responsibility for checking calculated payroll figures with authorised personnel. After pay calculation, approvers are sent team payroll data for review, approval, or rejection with comments.

“Payroll Verification ensures that trusted approvers are verifying payroll data, which will help to guarantee payroll accuracy,” says Nick Southcombe, CEO of Frontier Software. “By segregating the responsibility for payroll to those who are most able to detect and correct errors, the Pay Verification module enables stringent controls on payroll processing. That will reduce or eliminate errors and maintain trust in the capability of the payroll team. Approvers can access payroll data online for checking and approval. If they find an error, they can reject the transaction and notify payroll of the issue before the payroll is closed off. This process can be enacted as many times as necessary to achieve 100% accuracy”.